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Unforgettable things to do … discovering wild flowers on Crete. See news here >.

Flowers of Crete flower finding trips for 2014 now available here and botanic art workshops here.

Images from the 3rd ECOTHEE Conference held at The Orthodox Academy of Crete in September, 2013 in news here >.

Omalos road wreckage

This is the sight that met us (writes Julia Jones) when I took two guests from USA into the mountains around the Omalos Plateau in June 2013 in search of the rare, endangered and endemic lizard orchid Himantoglossum samariense. 

This is one of only two recently recorded sites where this beautiful orchid could be found on Crete.  Obviously, there will be no more orchids of any description here. 

It seems that the road up to the plateau is being 'improved' and widened to accommodate more traffic, i.e. coaches. 

There are already signs of new building at the head of the Samaria Gorge and we can only speculate on the amount of devastation that will be caused.

Omalos road 'improvements'

In praise of Ophrys: Thomas Sampliner writes about his favourite orchids — click here.

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Flower of the month, April 2014
Cretan cyclamen Cyclamen creticum

The gorgeous Cretan cyclamen reminds us that being an endemic (or nearly so - it's also on Karpathos) doesn't always mean rare. In open woodland, Cretan cyclamen can be in dense carpets with flowers numbering in thousands. They can also be seen in gorges, but typically not in such masses. Cretan cyclamen can found, in the right habitat, in the majority of Crete. Flowers are usually white, occasionally pink. These were inland from Plakias. More flowers month by month here.

Cretan cyclamen

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Cyclamen graecum
Cyclamen graecum — from the Flowers of Crete calendar 2014


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red palm weevil

Saving the Cretan Palm

The Cretan palm Phoenix theophrastii is found only on the coast of Crete and south-western Turkey, and on Crete is best known from Vai and Préveli.

The red palm weevil, sadly sometimes imported on cultivated palm species, is a serious threat to the near-endemic Cretan palm and every effort needs to be taken to try to stop its progress.  You can help by keeping an eye out of the weevil and its grubs and reporting news to Flowers of Crete. More here.

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