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Flowers of Crete is a non-profit making organisation that has applied for charitable status in Greece. We exist to bring the wonderfully rich and diverse flora of the island of Crete to a wider and more general audience. We are working with botanists, botanical gardening and universities around the world to broaden the understanding of endemic and endangered species and we aim to draw attention to the fact that there is still time to protect and preserve many specialized habitats on the island.

According to information received from the UK-based charity Plantlife International

  • one in five UK wild flowers is threatened with extinction
  • since the 1930s, 98% of the UK's flower-rich meadows have been destroyed
  • half the ancient woodlands have been lost
  • each county is losing on average one species every two years
This could happen in Crete over the coming decades.  The good news is that we have the opportunity to prevent much of this destruction, if we all work together NOW.

Land is lost each year to cater for the needs of mass tourism. Changes in agricultural methods and the increased use of chemical fertilizers and weed killers add to the threat. With the aid of dedicated volunteers we are helping to save plants threatened by the bulldozer and yet more concrete.  Please help us to achieve our goals.  You can find more information on the flowers of Crete and details of how you can help, by looking through this website and checking out our blog at: www.flowersofcrete.blogspot.com

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