December has been a dry month and many plants that were beginning to flower in November have withered and died.  The soil at Olous was parched and cracked and there was very little to photograph.  It was, however, a perfect day, and I turned my lens to the wonderful scenery around me.

Androcymbium rechingeri Photograph
Compositae - Once again, a dandelion like flower, which I am unable to identify.  This species was in bloom all around the causeway.

Sea PurslaneSea Purslane
Atriplex portulacoides / Sea purslane - This strange plant, with its wonderful pink colouring, was the only other species to photograph.  I am grateful to Nick Turland for his identification of this, as I had absolutely no idea. Having now checked it out, it is apparently edible, the small green leaves are, naturally, salty and provide a crunchy element in salads.

Pezoulia Nature Reserve
Pezoulia Nature Reserve - Our first trip to the reserve to look for orchid leaves and generally enjoy the site.
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