The rains came during the middle of October and when they came it poured!!!! Strange warm southern winds ensured that water found its way into houses in ways never before imagined!!! But it was just what the flowers needed. About a week after the first rain, the bright green leaves of Oxalis pes-caprae started to appear. Not far behind them were the mauve shoots of Scilla autumnalis – in abundance.

This year, above Kroustas, the Sternbergia display has been incredible, as you will see from this month’s images. Flowers everywhere were coming out faster than I could photograph them and every excursion is a complete delight!

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Allium tardans - the only autumn-flowering allium is easily overlooked. It is very fragile and pale, but I love its delicate colours and it dainty flowers.

Aster creticus - now has a new name I believe. This untidy straggly plant grows in the east of the island, and is native to Crete. On close inspection the flowers are stunning, but it is easy to pass it by without a second glance.

Colchicum pusillum - this image shows one of the pollinators of C. pusillum the large soldier ants which are found here in abundance. Colchicum pusillum is common across the island throughout the winter months.

Colchicum pusillum - another image of this lovely Colchicum – this time being visited by an inquisitive bee.

Compositae - I am still no better at identifying Compositae - so help needed please!

Euphorbia dimorphocaulon - I found this tiny Euphorbia or Spurge whilst scouring a hillside for Biarum davisii ssp. davisii otherwise it would have certainly gone unnoticed. I was amazed at how perfect such a tiny plant could be.

Foeniculum vulgare ssp. piperitum - this fennel is common on Crete and is recognised by the strong scent of its leaves. It is the true wild fennel.

Grape Harvest - a trip up to Thripti village found the grape harvest in full swing. We happily accepted the offers of grapes both red and white. It was a hot day and, despite searching everywhere, we found little flora to photograph. The late afternoon sunshine on the clusters of grapes was, however, quite stunning.

Grasshopper - this little chap obviously thought he should be a film star, as he made no effort to move even though I kept edging closer and closer. Looked at closely he proved absolutely fascinating.

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