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A few scattered and very short showers left us hoping that the autumn rains had come early, but sadly, in the east of the island, the dry weather returned. Even at higher altitudes the ground is baked dry and parched and very little seems to be managing to flower.

The dreadful fires of August have, however, abated and in Northern Greece there has been sufficient rain to prevent any further outbreaks.

The weather has stayed warm and, at times, very humid and the harvest of seeds and nuts seems to be a good one.

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Veins in rocks - when there are no flowers about it is amazing what else can take your eye. Here I was enthralled by the veining in the rocks at my feet, whilst I waited for visitors on one of my trips to finish photographing the fruit and berries they had discovered.

Rubus sancta - (The blackberry) - I often really crave for blackberry and apple pie..but the blackberries on Crete never become plump and luscious enough to pick and stew. Nevertheless the sight of them always makes my mouth water!!

Seedhead - the seedheads have been particularly spectacular this year and the autumn colours amazing. This thistle seedhead looked magnificent in the late afternoon sunshine.

Thapsia garganica - I never tire of the wonderful display of seeds, pods, berries and fruits that Crete has to offer. These winged seeds looked so sculptural in the clear autumn light of the Katharo.

Thymus capitatus - looking and smelling superb, this thyme covered the hillside with a vibrant mauve blush, filling the air with the warm spicy scent of Greece.

Umbelliferae - protected from grazing goats and sheep, this tiny umbilliferae could be left to blossom and fruit undisturbed.

Yet more snails! - from their penthouse apartment overlooking Malia Palace, these snails could enjoy superb ocean views.

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